Forsec INDIVIDUAL Otoplastic

Individual hearing protection

For maximum protection and wearing comfort, ForSec has developed individual hearing protection. No slipping, pressing or sweating - due to adapted special designs. Besides wearing comfort, the earmoulds also ensure good speech intelligibility. Environmental noise is suppressed, but voice frequencies are not. ForSec offers a certificate and function check - so both the user and the employer are optimally protected against hearing damage. The average service life of 48 months also offers the advantage that, compared to the use of disposable hearing protectors, mountains of waste are avoided and thus the environment is less polluted.

ForSec Individual hearing protection

Production of individual hearing protection

Noise damage to hearing is irreversible. Our ears are very sensitive to pain and pressure. Standard hearing protection is not usually used permanently by users due to suboptimal wearing comfort. In addition, the disturbing noise frequencies present at individual workplaces cannot be suppressed individually. This is where individual hearing protection (earmoulds) scores. Here we show you the steps of individual production for maximum wearing comfort in detail:

ForSec-Inspection Ear Canal

Inspection of the auditory canal with the otoscope

ForSec production earmould

Inserting tamponade into the ear canal to protect the eardrum

Individual ForSec Passform

Application of the impression material to create the individual fit of the hearing protection

ForSec custom earmould

Production of the individual hearing protection - called earmould

ForSec functionality individual hearing protection

The functionality of the individual hearing protection is tested and documented after delivery and then every 24 months

ForSec earmould in use

ForSec hearing protection earmould in use

Contact for individual hearing protection

If you are interested in our individual hearing protection or would like a consultation appointment, please <a href="/en/contact.html" data-gentics-aloha-repository="node-repository" data-gentics-aloha-object-id="a6c561c8-b22b-43c5-9a6b-5ca3938717f2">write to us or contact one of our competent <a href="/en/contact.html" data-gentics-aloha-repository="node-repository" data-gentics-aloha-object-id="a6c561c8-b22b-43c5-9a6b-5ca3938717f2">dealers in your area directly.

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