Ordering safety EYEWEAR

  • Surveying, individualization and implementation at the local ForSec service partner

  • Individual safety glasses available in 10 - 15 working days


Lenses for safety EYEWEAR

Glass materials:

  • Thin and lightest lens material for safety glasses
  • Complete UV protection
  • Highest mechanical protection class
  • Cleaning without alcohol & solvents
CR 39®
  • Lightweight plastic material
  • Tinted available
  • Solvent resistant
  • minimum thickness 3 mm
  • Enlargement effect
Mineral glass
  • Hardest lens material for safety glasses
  • Thermical hardened safety glass
  • Solvent resistant
  • High weight, minimum thickness 3 mm
    • Enlargement effect
      • Mimimun abberation error for HD vision
      • Extremely robust and resistant to chemicals
        • Low weight
        • Easy to clean

          Versions with precision optics:

          Forsec glass qualities for safety glasses

          Single vision lens

          For the treatment of distant ametropia.

          Forsec bifocal lenses for safety spectacles

          Bifocal glass

          For the treatment of presbyopic users. glass with a segmented additional lens in the lower glass area.

          Forsec progressive lenses for safety spectacles

          progressive lens

          For the supply of presbyopic persons with road traffic participation in the area of operation. enable continuous vision from near to far.
          Premium free-form lens design for maximum vision comfort.

          Forsec spacer lenses for safety spectacles

          Indoor progressive lens

          For the supply of presbyopic persons with main visual tasks in close range, without road traffic participation in the operational area. enable continuous vision from near to choosen room distance (6m / 3m / 1m). Premium free-form lens design for maximum vision comfort optimized for room distance.

          Forsec lenses for safety spectacles

          Work glass

          For the treatment of presbyoptics with near vision tasks at eye hight level. this special lens design allows users older 45 ergonomic smooth habbit eaven near vision at eye hight is needed. Premium free-form lens design for perfect vision comfort with added bifocal segment at top of the lens offers continuous vision from near to far with progressive part and briliant near vision on top and bottom of the lens.


          multi coated with anti - reflection and hard coat

          If you look through a window pane, you will see your reflection. In addition, there are disturbing reflections on every lens surface, which reduce light transmission and your visual performance. The super anti - reflection of ForSec provides a remedy: it lets 99% of the light through the lens and significantly increases the quality of vision. Our unique BlueCoat* surface coating protects the eye from UV light - for example from mobile phones, monitors, laptops or lamps. This allows for completely relaxed vision, improved visual contrast and thus significantly higher performance. This surface coating is especially recommended for working on the monitor.

          * Surface treatment BlueCoat and Trivex with extra charge.

          Light protection eyewear

          Tinted lenses offer protection from bright light sources, sunlight or light sensitivity. ForSec offers single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses made of CR 39 material in brown colour with a fixed light reduction of 12% to 87%. This colour is the most pleasant from the point of view of sensation. All users in low luminances - for example at night and at dusk - benefit from the yellow tint. It offers the user a considerable increase in contrast, relieves and supports the eyes and is suitable for road traffic and night driving.

          Hard coating

          Metal shavings, soot, coarse particles, chemicals - and the protective eyewear box is far away at work. Unhardened plastic lenses scratch with a paper towel already during care. Since every scratched lens according to DGUV 112 - 192 leads to a complete replacement of the prescription safety glasses, ForSec lenses are always delivered surface-hardened. This surface treatment protects the lens from scratches.

          clean coat care layer

          With our easy-to-clean coating, we finish lenses and protective frames in such a way that dirt particles can hardly adhere. The surface is made particularly smooth with nanotechnology, so that you can clean and maintain your safety glasses very easily. This surface treatment increases the effect of the scratch protection layer, as mechanical loads slip off the surface and do not penetrate deeply into the pane.

          Forsec safety spectacle lenses with hard coating for optimum surface quality

          Lenses with hard coating (left)/ without hard coating (right)

          Forsec anti-reflective coating for safety spectacle lenses

          Glass on the left: Without anti-reflection coating = 10 % light and loss
          of vision

          Glass middle: Super-reflective lens = 99.8 % light transmission

          Glass right: BlueCoat-coated spectacle lens with 99.8% light transmission and blocking of UV ray light (from 420 nm)

          Safety glasses for spectacle wearers

          80% of our sensory perception is gained through the visual system. The eye is the third most frequently injured organ in surgical work. Uncorrected ametropia increases the risk of accidents and leads to reduced performance. Private glasses are not designed for increased stress situations such as working in hazardous areas.

          It can splinter off, which increases the risk of injury and also does not seal the eye socket optimally. ForSec safety glasses are designed for maximum eye protection and pure visual enjoyment through precision optics.

          The <a href="" data-gentics-aloha-repository="node-repository" data-gentics-aloha-object-id="c66c6077-0981-4c10-830c-c6cbfda6a195">Safety glasses for spectacle wearers is also referred to as prescription safety glasses, safety eyewear with vision or safety glasses with sight.

          Forsec safety glasses for spectacle wearers


          Quality with a system
          No question about it: Besides the ears, the eyes are one of the most important sensory organs for us humans. Therefore, ForSec leaves nothing to chance in the development and production of its eye protection products.

          State-of-the-art glass technology
          ForSec stands for precision optics that are individually tailored to their carriers and their working areas. Our eye protection philosophy therefore fundamentally excludes the use of standard products. We exclusively use high-tech glass technology from the premium segment.

          Flexible solutions
          ForSec has consistently perfected the lens design and enables ergonomic and therefore comfortable vision at every workplace - even for progressive lens wearers with near vision tasks at eye level.

          Best lens material
          For ForSec eyewear protection we use light and stable lenses with brilliant imaging properties - for optimum wearing comfort, user satisfaction and maximum visual enjoyment. And, of course, without additional costs.

          Robust and safe surfaces
          To protect your eyes perfectly, ForSec makes no compromises in the quality of the surface coatings: They combine a long service life with the highest image quality. That's why ForSec security glasses are always anti-reflective, always hardened and have the best scratch-protection layer on the market.

          Your plus with prescription safety glasses and workplace glasses:

          • All in pricing system for all glasses
          • Minimal additional administration costs - one article in your merchandise management system
          • Optimal planning of your purchasing budget - no hidden additional costs
          • Highest visual comfort through high-quality precision optics
          • Highest customer satisfaction - complaint rate < 0.3%
          • BlueCoat coating on lens surface for improved performance*
          • Unique premium - The "Worker's Guide" was also used to describe the following Progressive lens design for finishing at eye level
          • Individual screen colour workstation solutions
          • Short delivery times

            *Surface coating BlueCoat and Trivex with extra charge


            ForSec always focuses on the wearer of the eye protection - with precision optics that are individually and optimally adapted to the user and his working area. In order to offer reliable occupational safety at the highest level, ForSec does without standard products and relies without any exception on high-tech glass technology of premium class.

            The glass material is therefore light, stable and equipped with brilliant imaging properties. What applies to lenses is also the benchmark for frame technology at ForSec: high-tech materials stand for the best protection, for a long service life and for maximum working comfort. Because only perfectly fitting safety glasses are worn for a long time at work.

            Forsec safety glasses with high-tech lens technology