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Hearing protection Acryl DLO® Acryl with DI-Filter
Hearing protection Otoplastic DLO® Silicon with DM-Filter
DLO® Silicon with DI-Filter Biopor® AB Xtrack Otoplastic
Hearing protection Silicon DLO® Silicon with DI-Filter

Order your individual hearing protection

Your individually manufactured hearing protection from Forsec is fitted and manufactured individual for you after a personal consultation by one of our 600 stationary service partners. Of course, we can also provide mobile supply in your company on site. Please contact us and arrange an appointment for your individual care concept.

ForSec offers you a simple ordering and procurement process with guaranteed short delivery times for your individual ear protection. Our simple pricing system also allows you to plan your budget accurately and easily control your costs with just one item in your inventory management system.
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  • Detailed, personal consultation and risk analysis by our <a href="/en/contact.html" data-gentics-aloha-repository="node-repository" data-gentics-aloha-object-id="a6c561c8-b22b-43c5-9a6b-5ca3938717f2">ForSec partners

  • Creation of an individual supply concept, tailored to your noise and application areas

  • After an inspection of your ears, the individual earmoulds are made

  • Individual hearing protection is available after 10 to 15 working days


Individual hearing protection

Noise makes you sick!

For this reason, the WHO warns against noise pollution, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the EC Noise Directive 2003/10/EC and the Noise Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (LärmVibrationsArbSchV, March 2007) regulate noise protection. Because noise damage to the ear is irreversible.

The ForSec earmoulds guarantee maximum hearing protection, maximum wearing comfort, good speech intelligibility and a long service life thanks to their individual custom-made design.

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Detailed information on individual hearing protection
ForSec Individual hearing protection

Preparation of individual earmould

Noise damage to the hearing cannot be reversed. At the ear we are very sensitive to pain and pressure. Standard hearing protection is usually not used permanently by users because of the suboptimal wearing comfort. Furthermore, the disturbing noise frequencies present at the individual workplace cannot be individually suppressed. This is where individual hearing protection (earmoulds) scores. Here we show you the steps of individual production for maximum wearing comfort in detail:

ForSec inspection ear canal

Inspection of the auditory canal with the otoscope

ForSec production earmould

Inserting tamponade into the ear canal to protect the eardrum

Individual ForSec Passform

Application of the impression material to create the individual fit of the hearing protection

ForSec custom earmould

Production of the individual hearing protection - called earmould

ForSec functionality individual hearing protection

The functionality of the individual hearing protection is tested and documented after delivery and then every 24 months

ForSec earmould in use

ForSec hearing protection earmould in use

Advantages OF ForSec hearing protection

Professional hearing protection

ForSec pulls out all the stops in the individual planning, production and care of earmoulds - with state-of-the-art filter technology that offers far more than the simple protective function: We work with one filter for all approval areas. Thus the DI red filter ensures the highest level of user protection with maximum flexibility - even during changing activities in the workplace and with consistently excellent speech intelligibility.

Wide range of applications.

ForSec custom hearing protection earmoulds are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries: Thus the ForSec Biopor® AB Xtrack system offers the perfect solution for the food and cosmetics industry - unique with innovative earmoulds. each part 100% detectable from filter til earmould. Better concentration due to lower noise pollution is guaranteed by the office earmould from ForSec. And these are just two examples of many.

Seamless service.

ForSec stands not only for shortest delivery times and highest quality standards. Of course, the documented function control of each ForSec hearing protection earmould is included in the unit price. So employers and hearing protection wearers are always on the safe side - and leave nothing to chance when it comes to occupational safety.

Get more detailed information about the economy and advantages of ForSec earmoulds:

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Unique supply concept also for individual supplies:

ForSec offers you nationwide mobile support. In addition, you can use our about 600 stationary service points for individual deliveries. We are happy to advise you.